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Agathi keerai/Sesbania Grandiflora Plant


Binomial Name – Sesbania grandiflora (L.Poiret

  • Kingdom – Plantae
  • Family     – Fabaceae
  • Genus     – Sesbania
  • Species   – S. grandiflora
Name – Agathi keerai/Sesbania Grandiflora Plant
Binomial Name – Sesbania grandiflora (L.Poiret

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Agathi Keerai, also known as Sesbania grandiflora/vegetable hummingbird/katurai/agati/August tree, is a small loosely branching tree belonging to the family Fabaceae and genus Sesbania.

Agathi keerai in Tamil and the scientific name is sesbania grandiflora.

In English the spinach variety is called as august tree leaves or humming bird tree leaves.

Sesbania grandiflora is a fast-growing tree. The leaves are regular and rounded and the flowers white, red or pink.

The fruits look like flat, long, thin green beans. The tree thrives under full exposure to sunshine and is extremely frost sensitive.

It is used to make highly nutritional fodder for ruminants like cattle, though it can be deadly to chickens.

It has a unique power of healing wounds, sprains, itches and bruises faster with the help of anti bacterial properties.

The root of the agathi leaves is used as a medicine to cure malaria.

Humming bird tree leaves provides all the nutrition that makes strong body, healthy blood, good functions of all the body parts.

Buy Agathi keerai/Sesbania Grandiflora plant online India


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