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Kachoram/Kacholam/Kaempferia galanga

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Binomial Name – Kaempferia galanga L.

Name – Kachoram/Kacholam/Kaempferia galanga
Binomial Name – Kaempferia galanga L.

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Kaempferia galanga, commonly known as Kachoram, Kacholam, kencuraromatic gingersand gingercutcherry.

Kaempferia galanga is a monocotyledonous plant in the ginger family, and one of four plants called galangal.

It is found primarily in open areas in Indonesia, southern ChinaTaiwanCambodia, and India

It  is also widely cultivated throughout Southeast Asia.

Kaempferia galanga is used as a spice in cooking in Indonesia.

Kaempferia galanga included in the Zingiberaceae family is one of the potential medicinal plants with aromatic rhizome.

In traditional medicine in Asian countries, this plant is widely used by local practitioners.

This plant is traditionally used as an expectorant, stimulant, diuretic, carminative, and antipyretic remedy.

In addition, K. galanga is used for treatment of diabetes, hypertension, cough, asthma, joint fractures, rheumatism, urticaria, vertigo, and intestinal injuries.

The rhizomes of the plant, which contain essential oils, have been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a decoction or powder.

Chewing kacholam rhizome along with betel leaf cures cough and other breathing problems.

It is useful as carminative and expectorant.

Buy Kachoram/Kacholam/Kaempferia galanga online India



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