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Mrithasanjeevani/Ayapana Triplinervis Plant

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Binomial Name – Ayapana triplinervis

Name –Mrithasanjeevani/Ayapana Triplinervis/Ayaparna
Binomial Name – Ayapana triplinervis

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Mrithasanjeevani, is also known as  Ayapana Triplinervis, Ayambana or Ayaparna.

Mrithasanjeevani/Ayapana Triplinervis is a tropical American shrub in the Asteraceae family.

This plant has long slender leaves which are often use to make a stimulating medicine.

The flowers are pale pink and the thin, hairless stem is reddish in color.

Ayapana triplinervis is an ascending, slender perennial. Its leaves are purple, subsessile, lanceolate, 3-nerved, acuminate, subentire, and glabrous.

Inflorescence is a lax, few-headed corymb, heads pedicellate, about 20-flowered. Flowers are slaty blue

Mrithasanjeevani/Ayapana Triplinervis contains Herniarin, a methoxy analog of umbelliferone, while its essential oil contains thymohydroquinone.

The plant yields cineol, α-phellandrene, alpha-terneol, ayapanin, ayapin, borneol, coumarin, sabinene, and umbelliferone, among many others.

A. triplinervis plants smell strongly of coumarin, especially when crushed, and has a taste which is both bitter and aromatic.

It is widely use as a tea in the whole of its distribution area, against chronic diarrhoea, as a stimulant, a sudorific and a tonic, and against badly infected wounds, thrush, lung diseases and as an antidote for snake bites

Buy Mrithasanjeevani/Ayapana Triplinervis plant online India at best price


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