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Punarnava/Boerhavia Diffusa Plant

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Binomial Name – Boerhavia diffusa

Name – Punarnava/Mookirattai/Boerhavia Diffusa
Binomial Name – Boerhavia diffusa

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Punarnava/Boerhavia Diffusa is a species of flowering plant in the four o’clock family which is commonly known as Punarnava (meaning that which rejuvenates or renews the body in Ayurveda), Varshbhu, Mookirattai, Red spiderling, Spreading hogweed or Tarvine.

Boerhaavia diffusa is widely disperse, occurring throughout India, the Pacific, and southern United States.

Flowers are small, around 5 mm in diameter. Pollens are round, roughly 65 microns in diameter.

The whole plant of B. diffusa fresh or dried is the source of the drug punarnava which is official in Indian Pharmacopoeia as a diuretic.

Punarnava is one of the very important anti inflammatory medicinal herb.

It is taken in herbal medicine for pain relief and other uses.

The leaves of Boerhaavia  diffusa are often use as a green vegetable in many parts of India.


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