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Thuthuvalai Plant(Solanum Trilobatum)


Binomial Name – Solanum trilobatum L.

  • Kingdom – Plantae
  • Family     – Solanaceae
  • Genus     – Solanum
  • Species   – S. trilobatum
Name – Thuthuvalai/Solanum Trilobatum Plant
Binomial Name – Solanum trilobatum L.

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Thuthuvalai (Solanum trilobatum) is found in India, Sri Lanka and mainland Southeast Asia.

Solanum trilobatum is a plant species in the nightshade family Solanaceae. It is used as a medicinal herb.

The leaves, petioles, and fruit of Solanum Trilobatum are utilised for many reasons in south India, which is economically significant.

The plant is full of thorns, including the leaves. It is important to remove these thorns before cooking as the thorns are considered to be mildly toxic.

The herb can be stored in powdered form by drying the leaves under shade and making a powder out of it. It is used to treat fever and common cold.

Fruits of this plant are used for treating cough, hiccups, and fatigue. It is also used for improving the quality of semen.

Tender leaves of this plant are considered as a remedy for cough, intestinal worms and are even believed to improve memory.

Solanum trilobatum is used in the Indian cuisine, and is given to people with ailments such as fever, cold and cough. Its leaves are used for culinary purposes, and the thorns are removed prior to cooking.

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