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Karu Nochi/Vitex Negundo Plant


Binomial Name – Vitex negundo

  • Kingdom – Plantae
  • Family     – Lamiaceae
  • Genus     – Vitex
  • Species   – V. negundo

Binomial Name – Vitex negundo

Karu Nochi/கருநொச்சி/Vitex negundo

Karunochi (Vitex negundo), commonly known as the Chinese chaste tree, five-leaved chaste tree, or horseshoe vitex, or nisinda  is a large aromatic shrub with quadrangular, densely whitish, tomentose branchlets. It is widely used in folk medicine, particularly in South and Southeast Asia.

Nochi leaf is famous for its use in the treatment of sinus infection. It relieves the pain as well as the inflammation. There are two traditional ways Nochi is used in the treatment of sinus; Nochi steam and Nochi pillow. Nochi leaves are anti-inflammatory in nature.

It is widely used in folk medicine. image result for kali nirgundi benefits every part of this plant is used in form of powder, decoction, oil, leaves paste for its medicinal qualities. It is used both internally and externally.


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