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Keezhanelli/Stonebreaker Plant


Binomial Name – Phyllanthus Niruri

  • Kingdom – Plantae
  • Family     – Phyllanthaceae
  • Genus     – Phyllanthus
  • Species   – P. niruri

Binomial Name – Phyllanthus Niruri


Keezhanelli (Phyllanthus Niruri) plant, also called Keezhanelli plant is scientifically called as Phyllanthus Niruri. It is also called as the gale of the wind, stonebreaker or seed-under-leaf. It is a tropical plant, is commonly found everywhere in coastal regions, and is known to grow in wet soil.

Phyllanthus niruri,  has been used in Ayurveda, Siddha for problems of the stomach, genitourinary system, liver, kidney, and spleen, and to treat chronic fever. Phyllanthus niruri is nowadays marketed as a herbal remedy under the name Chanca piedra.


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