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Nilavembu/Green Chiretta Plant

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Binomial Name – Andrographis paniculata

Binomial Name – Andrographis paniculata

Nilavembu/Green Chiretta/நிலவேம்பு

Nilavembu (Andrographis paniculata), commonly known as creat or green chireta,is an annual herbaceous plant in the family Acanthaceae, native to India and Sri Lanka.

It is widely cultivated in Southern and Southeastern Asia, where it has been traditionally used to treat infections and some diseases. Mostly the leaves and roots were used for medicinal purposes. The whole plant is also used in some cases.

As an Ayurveda herb it is known as Kalmegh or Kalamegha, meaning “dark cloud”. In Malaysia, it is known as Hempedu Bumi, which literally means ‘bile of earth’ since it is one of the most bitter plants that are used in traditional medicine.

2 reviews for Nilavembu/Green Chiretta Plant

  1. Reji

    Very healthy and well packaged plant, certainly recommended

  2. Rajaviswanathan


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