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Sangu Narayana Sanjivi/Janankolli Plant

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Binomial Name – Begonia malabarica

Binomial Name – Begonia malabarica

Sangu Narayana Sanjivi/Janankolli/சங்கு நாராயண சஞ்சீவி

Sangu Narayana Sanjivi (Begonia malabarica belonging to the family Begoniaceae, is used traditionally as anti hypoglycemic activity, antimicrobial, Wound healing activity, in the treatment of anemia. The present review aims to update information on its phytochemistry and pharmacological activities.

The leaves are used for the treatment of respiratory infections, diarrhoea, blood cancer and skin diseases. Very few reports on cultivation, breeding and improvement programmes and in vitro studies of B. malabarica are available despite its commercial importance.


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