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Sangu Pushpam/Clitoria Ternatea


Binomial Name – Clitoria ternatea

  • Kingdom – Plantae
  • Family     – Fabaceae
  • Genus     – Clitoria
  • Species   – C. ternatea
Name – Sangu Pushpam/Clitoria Ternatea/Shankpushpi
Binomial Name – Clitoria ternatea

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Clitoria ternatea, commonly known as Sangu Pushpam, Shankpushpi, Asian pigeonwings, Bluebellvine, Blue pea, Butterfly peacordofan pea,Darwin pea or சங்கு புஷ்பம் is a plant species belonging to the family Fabaceae.

In India, it is revered as a holy flower, used in daily puja rituals.

In Southeast Asia, the blue flowers are used as a natural food colouring agent.

It also added also to rice, tea, fruit juice or cocktails.

The Butterfly Pea flowers are also known to contain a natural antioxidant.

Sangu Poo is thought to boost the evacuation of water (micturition), which diminishes blood mass thereby lowering hypertension. There are also suggestions this diuretic effect aids quick but generally transitory weight loss.

Blue butterfly pea is rich in antioxidants. It can slow down the skin aging process, prevent premature aging, and improve overall skin tone and texture.

The flowers of this vine were imagined to have the shape of human female genitals, hence the Latin name of the genus “Clitoria”, from “clitoris”.

The species name is thought to derive from the city of Ternate in the Indonesian archipelago, from where Linnaeus’s specimens originated.

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